Ernest Quetulio

Home and Community Care Manager

Ernest started his Nursing career after receiving his Bachelors Degree in 2006. Since then he has worked as a Registered Nurse and a Manager in health and aged care. As an experienced executive manager with a history of working in varying aspects of health care delivery, he is responsible for directing, promoting, and coordinating the operations of McLean Care home and community care service.

Ernest firmly believes that Human connection lies at the heart of human well-being. Making an effort to connect, to listen, to learn from each other, our families, and our clients is the key to delivering exceptional care. Giving people the joy of interdependence with their care and being generous of heart can become our story as we transcend the traditional boundaries Home and Community Care in rural areas by truly empowering each individual to maximise their opportunities for wellbeing and independence whilst in the comfort of their own home. As we help to protect the most vulnerable in our society, and further tap into the connection, courage, and heart that has brought us through this era of health provision, Ernests focus is on the good we can do and, true to our purpose, the joy we can bring. Simple acts of kindness reflect our values, and define us.