Avoid Isolation At All Costs!

February 5, 2020 2:48 am

The feeling of loneliness is something that everyone has felt at least once throughout their lives. It’s a pain that can cut deep into your emotional wellbeing and is commonly associated with depression.

Unfortunately, researchers have also found that social isolation “is significantly associated with mortality and a physical decline”.

Luckily it is also very easy to eradicate social isolation and loneliness. Here is how can you avoid loneliness:

• Volunteer – becoming a volunteer exposes you to lots of different people and gives you a sense of belonging in that group. It also exposes you to lots of different people who could possibly become your friend

• Join a community group – whether it be a book club, religious group, yoga, or tennis club being apart of a group exposes you to lots of different people. This both gives you a sense of belonging in that group as well as increases your chances of finding a friend among those people

• Adopt a pet – man’s best friend wasn’t a name given to a pet that wasn’t precisely that. Loyal to a fault and always there when you need them. Pets are a wonderful way to give you someone to talk to along with lots of love.

• Join a gym – Gives you a routine that gives your mind time to rest, exposes you to lots of people to meet, and gives you a place where you are always welcomed and greeted with a friendly smile. The ways to avoid loneliness is vast and plentiful. If you begin to feel lonely or alone try these mentioned strategies and take control of your social isolation.