Code of Conduct raises the bar for Standards in the Aged Care Sector

November 29, 2022 9:00 am

In response into the Royal Commission of the Aged Care sector, a new code of conduct is being released on December 1 by the  Aged Care and Safety Commission. The Code of Conduct outlines minimum standards for approved aged care providers, aged care workers and governing persons.

 In a time when the Aged Care sector has been under fire, McLean Care welcomes the move that ensures  standards of quality care, respect, health, and wellbeing for older people right across Australia

“ We welcome the new code of conduct for the Aged Care sector. Establishing this new baseline is a great move. It will weed out the less professional operators and workers in our sector and provide added comfort and security to the recipients of aged care services and their families. At McLean Care we pride ourselves on delivering quality care that is founded in respect, compassion, and professionalism. By creating a new industry standard in response to the Royal Commission findings, we hope this goes a long way in improving the sector. By ensuring everyone complies with the new Code of Conduct, everyone wins in particular,  the older Australians we care for.” Says McLean Care CEO Sue Thomson.

The Code applies to approved aged care providers of residential, home care and flexible care funded by the Australian Government. Contractors, volunteer, and other people who provide aged care services are also expected to comply with the code.

It’s a definite warning bell to those con-compliant providers and workers . The code will allow the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner to take enforcement action for breaches of the Code including banning or restricting individuals from working in aged care. “ For  providers like McLean Care already doing the right thing, they have nothing to be concerned about. “A comprehensive code of conduct with accountability is a great and welcome move and goes a long way to positively reshaping the industry.” Says Sue Thomson.

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