Keeping Ageing Australians Active!

April 7, 2020 12:26 am

We are all experiencing uncertain times right now. Social distancing and self isolation is the new norm as we all contribute in keeping our communities safe. No one is immune to this as each and everyone of us might be feeling vulnerable and unsure of what tomorrow brings for our loved ones. We are anxious for our parents and grandparents, we apprehensive for our children and grandchildren.

Through this crisis we have changed the way we work, the way we do business and most of all the way we think. Operating in aged care under these circumstances has forced us to make some tough decisions and some of these included the closure of all of our residential aged care facilities across the NSW and QLD Darling Downs region to all public access until this crisis is over. We would like to think that due to these decisions we can confirm there has been NO cases of COVID-19 in any of our Mclean Care facilities or with our Home and Community Care clients.

We know throughout self isolation it is important to maintain our wellbeing by staying connected. Many of our residents, clients and families have embraced modern communications available to them and have enjoyed learning new things. Whilst we ride this emotional rollercoaster our communities adaption and flexible approaches to different lifestyles of living are commendable.

While many of the activities we usually do and love have stopped, it is very important that we look after ourselves and maintain our mobility by keeping physically active. To complement our changes to living, McLean Care has launched our live streaming exercise classes so that we can connect with people in their homes and would like extend an invitation to all of our ageing communities to join our live streaming exercise classes every Monday and Thursday.

These classes will be delivered by Gillian Traise who is a highly experienced physiotherapist and fitness professional with 30 years of experience in physiotherapy, fitness programming education and working with older clients.

Live Streaming these exercises from Armidale. Here is the link to access class: There are classes on Thursday at 9am – Standing Exercises and Thursday at 10:30am for Sitting/Standing Exercises.

Prior to joining the classes make sure you have a safe and clear area that is away from any potential hazards or pets that you might trip over. Have a chair close by in case you need to sit down at any time for a rest and make sure you have a drink of water read. It is essential that everyone is safe as they exercise and that we have no-one injuring themselves.

Again, we congratulate everyone for your collaborative efforts in preventing the spread of COVID19. We will get through this, together.

For interviews or more details please contact:

Sue Thomson – CEO | McLean Care® Ltd
P: 02 6721 7300. 67 Killean Street, Inverell, NSW, 2360.