Let’s Celebrate!

December 3, 2020 2:03 am

Our celebrations may have felt different this year, but it didn’t change the many important milestones we shared with our residents and clients. As you can imagine there were plenty and below in no particular order, is a snapshot of some.

Neville was delighted to receive his birthday greetings and to celebrate his 104th Birthday so we took the opportunity to spoil him with a lovely gift from us all.

Joan turned 100 this year and was surprised by the butchers in Woolworths East Point Tamworth when they presented her with flowers and chocolates during her regular outing that we accompany her on.

What a milestone – Esme’s (Granny) celebrated her 105th birthday. Granny had visitors popping in and staff members wishing her well all day long. PLUS the day wouldn’t be complete without a beautifully decorated cake by our kitchen staff.

What an inspiration Ruth is to us all. When you’re over 100 years young and still enjoy a trip to the hairdresser for a perm. Loving your later life!

Our Judy turned 90 and even admits that she doesn’t feel ninety with a little grin on her face. Her daughter arrived to celebrate, laden with gifts, cake and balloons giving Judy a real surprise. Judy was equally surprised when we arrived with a tea trolley which included a gypsy tea set, flowers, cake, everything needed for a perfect 90th tea party.

Our lovely resident Muriel celebrated her 94th Birthday at Kolora this year. Muriel enjoyed a delicious cake and many birthday wishes at morning tea as well as a skype call from family and visits throughout the day.

May celebrated her 93rd birthday at Kolora with a wonder afternoon tea and lots of family members visiting afterwards. From Grand-children, Great-Grand children, nieces and nephews, all enjoyed a cupcake while social distancing.

Loving birthdays with our new family at Alkira in Gunnedah! Happy birthday Hazel. It was great to celebrate your 86th birthday with you.