Providing quality, engaging services to our regional and rural communities that is our heartland.

July 29, 2020 12:04 am

These past several months have posed challenges from one extreme to the next. But at this busy time of year nothing is more pertinent than keeping our residents and our extended family safe through these unprecedented times.

On a lighter note we announced our custodianship of Mackellar Care Services in Gunnedah as of the 1st July, 2020 and have commenced our journey into the lives of our new residents, clients and staff who have joined our McLean Care family.

From the re-evaluation of aged care policies and practices, we have published our ‘Strategic Plan’ that draws attention to the redesign of provision of aged care services. Our dedicated focus remains the same and with the collaboration of McLean Care’s leadership team, will keep our core values in the forefront. I am confident that we will be at our most innovative.

Our Strategic Plan operates from five foundational elements delivering dynamic, progressive and sustainable growth to any ageing journey through our values of integrity, compassion, resilience, respect, reliability and courage.

Our Sapphire Model demonstrates our approach to person centred care. The sapphire is the centre image of our logo and is also the centre of what we do best.

Our obligation to care doesn’t stop there. Under these relentless and persistent times COVID-19 has presented certain challenges. Our residents and their extended families, clients and staff safety and wellbeing are paramount. We have a wonderful team of Executives whose focus on our COVID-19 Pandemic Planning has kept us all safe along with our community support and awareness all co-ordinate to combat the pandemic.

We know that there is still a long way to go and we will continue to remain vigilant, making decisions that are exclusively focused on the safety and lives of everyone in our care. We understand that this is a stressful and confusing time.

Everyone manages anxieties differently. It’s ok to say “right now this is really hard, and I am struggling”. We are all struggling in our various ways and what’s important is that we support each other and know that we are not alone. Today presents ‘new standards’ of normal, to flexibly adapt to COVID-19 constraints but our stance to adversity remains ever so empowering to who we are as Australians.