Putt putt golf championships, Gunnedah

January 28, 2021 2:52 am

2020 Christmas Eve Happy Hour and New Year’s Eve Happy Hour were two very special occasions for everyone at Mackellar in Gunnedah, to farewell the old and welcome the new year.

Many residents had a chance to go out with families during the festivities, others shared in the sumptuous feast to celebrate the occasion with a wide selection of nibbles, fruit, punch, soft drinks, and a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Residents chatted, staff listened and sang carols to live piano accordion music. Reminiscing over 2020 events with many residents sharing how many great grandchildren were born in their families or milestones in their lives and the lives of their family and friends.

Putt Putt Golf championships are on the agenda on a weekly basis each month in Gunnedah. Our scores are tallied up each week, a trophy is awarded to the winner, a small gift and a photo of the winner as well as the score chart for everyone are on display for everyone to see. Our December Putt Putt Golf Champion was Chris Hartman.

Our trivia competitions are another popular pastime for Mackellar residents. Weekly quiz sheets are given out each Friday and answers are provided during the Tuesday mornings word games activities. A score chart is displayed for everyone to see and a monthly Queen or King of Quiz celebrated and presented with a small gift. Our Alkira December Queen of Quiz was Joan Eyeington.