Reframing Aged care – The Way Forward

July 29, 2021 6:33 am

As one financial year closes, another begins and it certainly presents us with new challenges but also new opportunities. One thing is for sure, the only way is forward.

A new financial year allows us to consider a new start, a refresh, to try and do better than the previous year, to look at what didn’t work and also build on what did.

Throughout this period, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped (and continues to shape) the way we work, learn, shop and play. Some of these changes might be permanent and others temporary but, for now, the impact of these changes on our sense of belonging and identity is creating a feeling of collective displacement for many of us.

It’s important to note my choice of words here, because displacement is not the same as loss. I’m not talking about what we’ve lost, but how we view our lives.

I’m referring to our perception of how many of the things we did earlier in our life or before the pandemic has changed or shifted compared to how we are doing things now – often in different ways, in different places, and with (or without) the people who are important to us.

One of the lessons we are learning from the pandemic is that we can make adjustments in our lives to accommodate change. This also brings us to consider how we perceive or perhaps understand aged care. As our lives shift and change over time as a natural part of the ageing journey, it is also natural to look for changes and adjustments that can be made that give you more control over your life.

As an aged care provider we know that too often, when it comes to accessing aged care services there can be a negative connotation of giving up control, when in fact that is not the case at all.

We have all experienced lifestyle partners throughout our life journey. These lifestyle partners have helped us get through our day. Whether it’s childcare, hairdressers, house cleaners, nannies, tutors, gardeners, pool cleaners etc. We choose these partners so that we can get on with what we need to do so that we can love the life we live.

So the question is, why does our perception of this change as we move through our later life?

Does the word ‘aged’ care skew our perception towards stereotypes of frailty and limitations?

This doesn’t need to be the case. For many, it could be more that you choose not to do it, rather then you need the support and can’t do it yourself.

Your lifestyle partners can be found right here in one place with McLean Care. This can be through government subsidised programs or through private services.

Making the choice to access aged care services earlier allows you to do so on your terms, giving you the confidence that you have choice and the control so that ultimately you can continue to love your later life with us.