The Legacy of Leadership

October 5, 2022 12:08 am

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II is a moment in time that we will remember for many years to come. Her passing is not only significant for its historical importance, but a reminder of her incredible legacy and unparalleled leadership.

It has certainly been a time of reflection when one considers the vast societal changes that have occurred over the past 70 years and shapes the world in which we now live.

Queen Elizabeth II remained true to her ongoing commitment to the service of others. Her steady hand and constancy have, for most people, always been there and her passing has touched so many.

Queen Elizabeth II was in fact a trailblazer for women across the world. She was the ultimate model of a working mother who relied upon the support and care of her husband, family, and team of dedicated workers within the Royal households. They all worked together to help her perform her duties.

As we adjust to this historic change, it has made me reflect on the importance of women in leadership roles within our own organisation. Seventy years ago, when Queen Elizabeth II became the Sovereign, it was far from normal to have women in everyday leadership roles.

The world has changed so much over the past seventy years, and our business and community Leaders have had to adjust to ever-increasing diverse and complex issues, advances to technology, and keep pace in the ways we live and work.

Recently, I was incredibly honoured to be shortlisted in the Third Sector Awards for CEO of the Year. An annual award celebrating, innovative and progressive leaders and organisations, nominees from a range of not-forprofit organisations, based on areas of social impact, outcomes, social innovation, collaboration, leadership, and systems thinking. Nominees recognised for their impact in diverse areas including advocacy for women and children, refugee support programs, sustainable healthcare, and cancer research.

Lance Kawaguchi was the successful recipient of the 2022 Sector Award for his work as CEO of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. Lance is dedicated to defeating brain cancer and under his leadership, the Foundation has launched world-first clinical programs to advance ground-breaking oncology therapies. He continues to innovate by establishing the Foundation’s first allwomen leadership team. My heartfelt congratulations go out to him for his remarkable achievements.

For me personally, as CEO of McLean Care, I am so proud of what we do. I stand beside other great women advancing in management and leadership roles within our organisation.

One thing is for certain, just like the Queen Elizabeth II, we too have had the support, love, and encouragement from our families, and a talented
team around us, to pursue our careers and to make a meaningful difference to the wonderful people we care for each day.

Sue Thomson – Chief Executive Officer