The New Year Brings Us Challenges and Opportunities

January 29, 2020 2:13 am

And if anyone can do this, it is McLean Care. We embrace this with open arms as it gives us a unique opportunity to reflect on the years past and improve on the care we provide in the years to come.

When reflecting on the year past I remember the harrowing stories from the Aged Care Royal Commission where many residents were neglected by those they trusted most in the aged care industry. This gave us a unique opportunity to challenge the procedures we use. We held community forums where the community could offer suggestions, and voice concerns in regard the aged care industry. These forums gave us a new unique perspective to look from and feedback on how we can improve.

One of biggest challenges for 2019 was the evacuation of our Kolora Facility in Guyra from a fast-moving bushfire. Luckily in the wake of the fire the facility escaped untouched with many of our staff gaining valuable experience in a real bushfire evacuation. I am extremely proud with the response from both Kolora and Killean staff to respond to this emergency. I know a lot of staff were required to leave their homes and put in extra hours and I am VERY pleased with your willingness to do so. This proves to our residents our commitment and reflects greatly on you all as staff. This emergency also gave us wonderful feedback on our emergency procedures and where we can improve .

Along with all the challenges we faced in 2019 we were also blessed with many joyful times. Our Seniors Week Festival proved a big hit with those who attended, All of our Awards we were nominated for and also won with Hector VR making roads in the aged care landscape. Grandparents Day in all our facilities were lined with big happy faces from both residents and the kids attending, and the joyous Christmas parties all helped share the spirit of Christmas between staff and residents.

After an extremely busy year for all of us I hope you are all excited to continue the amazing work we do. This year we are also proud to grow our footprint and welcome the Yallambee facility at Millmerran to the McLean Care family. We are excited to extend our care to the picturesque Millmerran and I look forward to meeting all employees at the facility and getting to know everyone.

With such an exciting year ahead of us and the McLean Care Family growing I look forward to visiting all the facilities and hearing the stories everyone has to share.