This is Pat’s Story

July 29, 2021 6:49 am

Pat was born and grew up in East Maitland. She had 4 sisters and was very close to her whole family. Her childhood is something she cherishes most.

Pat went on to study nursing and midwifery along with her sisters. She enjoyed nursing and later nursed her late husband and parents until they passed away.

Pat married and had two children of her own, she helped her husband with their dairy farm for many years as well as working in a nursing home to help with income. Pat says her life was hard but she enjoyed every minute of it.

After a series of events Pat become very unwell. After a few hospital visits the Doctor and family decided Pat needed to be in an aged care facility to have around the clock care.

6 months ago Pat came to Kolora with bad lower body pain and palliating. She refused to eat, walk, take medication and repeatedly expressed she just wanted to die. Everyone at Kolora made Pat as comfortable as possible and worked hard to give her the best quality of life.

Over the time Pat has been here with us we have worked with her and supported her wishes, she has gradually started eating; reduced most of her medication and is improving every day.

Due to Pat having on going leg pain she required physio to help keep her legs moving, after many attempts to stand and walk Pat didn’t feel confident enough to walk any more then a few steps, often feeling to dizzy to continue.

Jean, our beautiful Physio, worked with Pat daily, built a strong bond with Pat so Pat would feel safe and confident taking a few extra steps.

On Monday the 7th of July our staff over heard Pat talking in the dining room and much to all our surprise Pat had walked from her room to the dining room using her wheelie walker with Jean’s assistance. We can assure you there wasn’t one dry eye among our staff.

Everyday since then Pat has been walking further and can now walk the entire facility.

Over the weekend Pat surprised her daughter with her great accomplishment. Her family is very happy and very proud of her. Her daughter said that due to her feeling so happy and safe here with the staff at Kolora the possibilities are endless.

Pat is one of the most caring, kind hearted people we have had the pleasure of meeting and has achieved so much. We are so very proud of how far she has come.