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Loving your later life

with us

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Caring for over 3,200 Residents and Clients

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242,516 hours Residential and In Home Care per year

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Employing Over 621 Australians

Our care guide

We’re here to help you every step of the way. From working out the right type of care you'll need, to guiding you through the aged care application process and working out what you can afford and what you can expect. Let’s get you started – give us a call – we’re great listeners!

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Something from our residents

  • Graham Playden

    Residential Care

    Graham - Kolora

    "The food is excellent here. This place has the best staff, and I could not have asked for a better experience. I will always be thankful for the care I received and recommend this place to anyone looking for the best care.”

  • Lynette Sallus

    Residential Care

    Lynette - Kolora

    "The care staff provides excellent care and always takes time to answer questions. The people are lovely here, the entire staff is very supportive and helpful."

  • Donald

    Residential Care

    Donald - Yallambee

    "My favorite part of living here is the care the staff provide for me. The meals are very tasty and served well. There is alot of choices and good portions."

  • John

    Residential Care

    John - Yallambee

    "Most of the staff are kind and good. My favorite meal is prawns and rissoles and my favorite part of living here is the pool table and chess."

  • Beverley

    Residential Care

    Beverley - Yallambee

    "The staff here are good, kind and helpful. My favorite meal is chicken and roast and veg and my favorite part of living here is the security."

  • IMG 0063

    Residential Care

    Anthony - Yallambee

    "The staff here are very helpful, kind and well trained. My favorite meal is the bacon and egg toastie and my favorite part of living here is the freedom to live my life as I please."

  • Maria

    Residential Care

    Maria - Oakey

    “I am very satisfied with the care I receive here. I have as much independence as I want, and the caring staff are there when I need them. I don’t eat seafood, and the kitchen staff offer me alternative meals, which I appreciate.”

  • Faith

    Residential Care

    Faith - Oakey

    “I have settled in well here.  I have my pot plants in the courtyard near my room and it is very accessible for me”. “The food is good, and I enjoy the activities that are on offer”

Work With Us

At McLean Care, our devoted team shares a common passion: an unwavering commitment to enriching lives beyond borders. We prioritise the well-being of our staff, residents, clients, and communities, recognising our people as our greatest asset, aiming for fulfilling workdays.

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