Tunstall Healthcare

McLean Care® partners with Tunstall Healthcare to offer a personal medical alarm solution, including a range of assistive technology and activity sensors to support the independent lifestyles of our residents, which will help keep you active, and as independent as possible.

One of the main attractions of a Tunstall connected care system is the opportunity to provide you with medication monitoring and prompting, and you and your Care Coordinator will appreciate the availability of telecare sensors which will enable Tunstall response operators to immediately understand who you are, where you live, what device activated your medical alarm (so it’s clear where you are in your home), any major conditions you may have, and who should be contacted.

McLean Care® have partnered with Tunstall as our preferred supplier of trusted technology, as Tunstall have solutions to suit individual lifestyles, and you will enjoy complete control over your technology, and being involved in the decision-making process.