Where It All Began

Hector Neil McLean was born at Ellerston in the Hunter Valley, NSW in 1856. Hector was a man with a vision, of character and a man of means, and one of extraordinary kindness. His legacy is the cornerstone of McLean Care, and it’s essential to reflect on the incredible journey that brought us here today.

When he died in March 1932, a provision of his Will designated, that a convalescent home be established on his family property ‘Killean’, the present site of McLean Care Inverell residential facilities that  we gather on today.

When Hector McLean penned his wishes in his last will and testament, it was a document that would forever shape the future of our organisation.

He was a grazier and landowner and a successful businessman, but he was also a man who believed in the power of giving. Never married and with no children of his own, his generosity extended not only to his family, friends and loved ones but also to the people who had worked alongside him.

He left substantial sums of money to his nieces, nephews, and brothers, among others. After numerous bequests to relatives and friends, he desired the residue of his Estate to be devoted to the establishment of a Convalescent Home. He was very particular on how the Trust would be administered to bring his vision to life.

His Trustees in pursuance of his Will, created three “Home Trustees” and transferred to them, the 200 acres of land and then the two sets of Trustees jointly set to work to build, and equip the home, and to launch it. 

His obituary in the Inverell times described Hector McLean as a man whom “out of raw materials be builded up a house of character, in which he lived and had courage to stand up to the name he made” and “an unbounded faith in the prosperity of Inverell and the district.”

What truly set Hector Neil McLean apart, however, was his determination and his clear, unyielding vision. ‘The signature of Inverell’ was upon him where he lived for most of his 75 years and envisioned a future where the property on which we stand today, Killean, would be utilised to create a convalescent home for those in need. His detailed instructions on the number of acres, the administration of the Trust, and those entrusted with its management , were ironclad.

These precise guidelines laid out in his will would be the compass guiding the development of the very first McLean Care home as well as the management structure including Home Trustees. His bequest  included infrastructure considerations, and smart financial investments,  he even thought about the remuneration of “Medical Men, Nurses and Employees and the expense of providing food, drugs and medical appliances and other things necessary and proper for on the said Home or Hospital.”

  • In 1970 McLean Care’s first retirement HN McLean Retirement Village was then established and administered by the Board of Trustees and the Board of Advice
  • 2007:  HN McLean Memorial Retirement Village Ltd HN and McLean Village Holdings Ltd with a Board of Directors  was established and later in
  • 2010: McLean Care Ltd  was created

Though the management and administration structures may  have changed from those early days, it was Hector’s attention to detail, vision, and his unyielding bequest that empowered the trustees of his estate to eventually bring his dream to life in 1953 – efforts were delayed post war as building materials were difficult to procure at the time.

McLean Care has come along was since 1953 and remains a thriving modern successful organisation continuing to care for older Australians.

A Testament to McLean Care’s History

Hector Neil McLean

29th March 1932

Upon his death, on 29th March 1932, a provision of Mr McLean’s Will designated that a hospital be established on his property ‘Killean’, the present site of the McLean Care Inverell residential facilities. A condition of Mr McLean’s Will directed that the financial estate be invested for a period of ten years. This expired in the midst of World War II, which delayed the construction of the convalescent hospital until 1951, due to the difficulty of acquiring building materials.

The Founding Stone

17th November 1951

The founding stone was laid on 17th November 1951, with work on the main building starting soon after.

Building Completed

Mid 1953

The main McLean Care building was finished in 1953.

Retirement Village complex established.


The complex is established as a retirement village, with the opening of a 44-bed Nursing Home and 6 Self-Care Units, and conversion of the Convalescent Hospital to a 24-bed Hostel.

Self-Care Units are constructed


Six additional self-care units are constructed.


More Additions

A further 6-bed extension added to the Inverell nursing home.


Beresford Coward & Chisholm Wing

The 50-bed Beresford Coward Hostel, Chisholm Wing (50 nursing home beds), the Lavinia McFadyen Activities Lounge, and a service area in the Nursing Home completed.


Arrawatta Lodge

Arrawatta Lodge, a 13-place dementia-specific hostel is completed and opened, and an additional two double self-care units completed.


Community Care Services

McLean Care expands into the provision of community care services.


Killean Units

A further two units are completed.

Goodwood Villas


11 new “Goodwood” Independent Living Villa Units opened on the Inverell residential care site.


Additional Goodwood Villas

Final development of the Goodwood” stage 3 development is completed, adding nine more new villas.


Hector Wing

The 14-bed Hector Wing is opened and Chisholm Wing redeveloped.


Home and Community Care Tamworth

Purchase of a Tamworth private nursing service finalised. Health Care at Home.


HN McLean Retirement Village becomes known as McLean Care Ltd.


Commonweath Home Support package extensively upgraded

This meant that older Australians worked with McLean Care to design their Home Care Packages.


Bush Compass

McLean Care receives Northern Inland Innovation Award Nov 24, 2015 – Mclean Care was awarded with a Northern Inland Innovation Award for health, aged care and disabilities for their Bush Compass


Hector Wing and Argyll Centre extensively refurbished

Hector Wing extensively refurbished into a 17-bed state-of-the-art dementia specific facility and the upgrade of Argyll Centre residential rooms, reception and dining areas.

New custodians of CWA House, Oakey


New custodians of CWA House, Oakey in the Darling Downs region. 40 beds, including secure Dementia care facilities, plus Independent Living Villas and home and community care services.

VR Driving Simulator


Seed funding by the Australian Government through the Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund to develop a VR Driving Simulator for Older Drivers.

New custodians of Kolora, Guyra


New custodians of Kolora Residential Care in Guyra. Kolora is a 32-bed aged care facility located amongst picturesque waterways and national parks.

Smart Home Technology Grant


McLean Care was awarded funding from an Innovation grant from the Department of Health to undertake a trial of smart home technology with Commonwealth Home Support Program recipients along with Deakin University and Monash University.

New custodians of Yallambee, Millmerran


New custodians of Yallambee Residential Care in Millmerran QLD in March 2020. Yallambee is a 60-bed residential aged care facility situated in the rich agricultural area of the Condamine and Macintyre catchments.

New custodians of Mackellar, Gunnedah


New custodians of Mackellar Residential Care Gunnedah in July 2020. Located in the agricultural region of Gunnedah NSW. McLean Care Mackellar Residential Care comprises of two facilities known as Alkira and Apex Road along with Independent Living Villas known as Mackellar Village.

CHSP CALD Centre Based Respite Services


Commonwealth Department of Health Grant Round to provide Centre Based Respite Services for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in the Far North Coast and Dubbo regions of NSW and Logan River Valley in QLD.

CHSP Growth Round to provide Nursing


Allied Health and Therapy Services; Cottage Respite; Flexible Respite; Centre-based Respite; Home Maintenance; and Other Food Services across specified Aged Care Planning Regions in NSW; QLD; NT; WA; SA; VIC; and Tasmania.

ACAR Round: Short Term Restorative Care Places


Allocated 38 placements -Far North Coast: 5; Hunter: 10; New England: 8; Darling Downs: 10; and Logan River Valley: 5.