Working with McLean Care

At McLean Care, our dedicated staff all share a unified passion – the unwavering desire to enhance the lives of those we touch, transcending geographical boundaries. Our commitment extends to for our team members, for our residents, clients, their families, and the communities we serve.

Our people stand as our most invaluable asset, and our goal is to ensure that each day spent at work is a fulfilling one.

Core Values

At the heart of our organisation lie our deeply ingrained values. We take immense pride in living these values, both in our individual actions and as a collective entity, all in pursuit of operational excellence. Our genuine dedication shines through in who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Join McLean Care and make a meaningful impact

At McLean Care, we believe in making a positive difference every day. When you choose to work with us, you embark on a journey that offers not just a job but a long-term career filled with purpose, fulfilment, and enjoyment. Our commitment to you goes beyond the workplace, fostering a culture of support, compassion, and flexibility.

Rewards & Benefits: Discover the comprehensive Rewards & Benefits available when you join the McLean Care team.

Here are some of the ways we work support you, include:
Highly Developed Career Pathways: We offer internal promotion opportunities and an Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework to help you grow within the organisation.
Education and Development Sponsorship: We invest in our employees’ growth, providing sponsorship opportunities for education and development.
Community & Company Celebrations: We come together for charity days and community events, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

The aged care sector is evolving, and McLean Care is at the forefront of innovation. We embrace technology to connect our organisation nationwide and continuously invest in advancing technology to enhance care in rural communities.

At McLean Care, we embody a ‘can do’ attitude.

Explore our latest career opportunities on our careers page and become a vital part of the McLean Care team. Join us in sharing our passion and enjoy a rewarding career supporting people in your community.