Celebrating 70 Years of McLean Care.

November 28, 2023 9:18 pm

On November 15th we celebrated our official 70 year anniversary where it all began – in Inverell. As the CEO of McLean Care, I was deeply humbled to commemorate a remarkable journey of compassion, dedication, and service that spans 70 years. McLean Care, as we know it today, is central to the communities we serve, with a proud history of commitment to older people living in regional and rural New South Wales and Queensland.

In a symbolic nod to our origins, we celebrated this significant milestone at our foundational location here in Inverell, to honour the legacy of Hector Neil McLean and the McLean Care team’s 70 years of dedicated service to older people.

Our story began in 1932, with the vision of a man of proud Scottish heritage, Hector Neil McLean, who lived his life in Inverell, New South Wales. Hector McLean was a dedicated community-minded citizen who dreamed of establishing a Convalescent Hospital for people from rural and remote areas in and around the Inverell district.

Upon his passing, Hector made provision in his Will for the establishment of a hospital on his property, ‘Killean.’ The founding stone was laid on the 17th of November in 1951, and the building was completed in 1953.

The first Convalescent Hospital served as an essential service to Inverell and its surrounding areas. However, as transportation improved, the need for convalescent-type care diminished, and an emerging void in aged care was recognised. This transformation gave rise to the provision of services to the older people of the region.
Across our developmental timeline is a testament to our unwavering commitment to evolving and expanding to meet the ever-changing needs of our communities. McLean Care is defined by the people we serve – the residents, clients, staff, and the community. Our vision is clear: “enriching experiences beyond all boundaries,” and we possess the capacity to realise this vision for our residents and clients.

Our mission is equally defined: “owned and inspired by our community to focus on you.” We exist to provide innovative solutions to the ageing journey and the everevolving needs of our people and their communities. McLean Care has remained faithful to Hector McLean’s wish – that regional, rural, and remote communities and their people should not be disadvantaged due to their geographical location.

As organisational custodians we are dedicated to operating, managing, and leading in line with our values, emphasising autonomy and entrepreneurship through mutual trust, and we take immense pride in our achievements.

The world around us has undergone significant shifts, marked by advancements in technology and global communication. We have adapted to the changing landscape, embracing technology to streamline processes and provide care to those who have difficulty accessing professional aged care services. We have to think big – we cannot wait to be saved.

We need to develop, collaborate, dream and implement the future – and it’s here now and we are doing just that.

As we celebrate this remarkable 70th anniversary milestone of care, we also recognise the heart, courage, perseverance, and the exceptional individuals who have been instrumental in our success throughout the decades. We take pride in the enduring legacy forged by those who paved the path for us.

Seven plus decades after Hector McLean’s generous bequest, McLean Care is now a leader in the Care Economy managed and guided by a community-based Board of Directors, extending services over a vast geographical area serving more than 3,000 older Australians and boasting a workforce of more than 620 professionals.

We are surrounded by a talented and skilled team.

We have never lost sight of Hector’s original vision. At the heart of the McLean Care model of care is each individual person, and at the core of that model are fundamental approaches that we take to ensure that all of the care we provide is individual and personcentered. The McLean Care Sapphire Model of Person-Centered Care was developed to ensure that, as a collective, we deliver what we say we will in every community where we provide services.

Our organisation offers a comprehensive range of services, to support older Australians at various stages of their later life including Home and Community Care, Residential Care, and Independent Living options. Our multidisciplinary team includes a nurse practitioner, skilled nursing staff, allied health professionals, and support teams spanning project management, finance, administration, hospitality, and maintenance.

Today, we proudly stand as an award-winning and industry-recognised provider of quality aged care services. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and the well-being of older Australians remains unwavering.

As we celebrate this milestone, we are also wrapping up another year of caring for all of our clients, families and team members. Let us remember as the Christmas season begins, how grateful we are to have each other and I thank each and everyone of you for your support of McLean Care.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, and I wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas.

Sue Thomson – Chief Executive Officer