McLean Care® Kolora is a 32-bed aged care facility located amongst picturesque waterways and national parks, serving the rural community around Guyra, NSW. The home is situated a short 5-minute drive from the centre of Guyra, and offers permanent and respite accommodation to our seniors living in the surrounding areas. 

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Our Facilities

High & Low Care

A welcoming 32-bed facility. These rooms include a fitted wardrobe and dresser, a free-standing bed, bedside table and a lounge-style chair. A homely facility that will ensure your family member always feels safe and comfortable.

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Home-made food on-site

Partaking in and sharing a meal is one of the most fundamental and significant influences on our everyday enjoyment of life. In the busy environment of the McLean Care® kitchen, we ensure that our staff have ready access to best practice nutrition information for all the special diet needs of our residents. The McLean Care® hospitality team focuses on the key areas of menu planning for a balanced diet and optimal nutrition that is enjoyable, catering to individual needs, understanding swallowing difficulties and modified food textures, the dining environment and social engagement, and resident independence, oral health, and food and nutrition for those living with dementia.

When you want the best Residential Care experience

At McLean Care®, the most important thing is that you are at the centre of your own care, and that you make the choices about your day-to-day living and experiences. We’re so sure you will enjoy your life with us, and all the freedoms that come with that, because we are always looking for ways to make your day – from the many social outings available, and leisure, lifestyle and wellness activities, to fun activities in the home and garden, community visitors and entertainers. 

If you love being busy and involved, we’ve got so many things for you to experience. If you appreciate a bit of peace and quiet from time-to-time, then we’ve got some beautiful, tranquil spaces for you to enjoy.