Residential Care

Our homes offer long and short-term residential services, including permanent care, specialised dementia and palliative services, and respite care. We have highly skilled and passionate care teams including 24/7 Registered Nurses, and our Leisure & Lifestyle team are here to make sure you remain strong, active and socially connected.

> Approved by Australian Government to provide aged care services
> Accredited high standard of care
> Award winning, professional, trained staff
> All staff hold current police checks
> Non-profit organisation with no religious affiliation
> Experienced rural and regional provider
> Provide innovative, technological care solutions

Inverell NSW

Killean is a 138-bed residential aged care facility in Inverell, the “Sapphire City” The beautiful scenery creates a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Guyra NSW

Kolora is a 32-bed aged care facility located amongst picturesque waterways and national parks, serving the rural community around Guyra, NSW.

Oakey QLD

McLean Care® at CWA House is a 40 bed residential aged care facility in picturesque Oakey, Queensland. The environment offers complete serenity in seamless coherence with its surroundings.

Millmerran QLD

Yallambee is a 60-bed residential aged care facility situated in the rich agricultural area of the Condamine and Macintyre catchments, serving the community of Millmerran, QLD.

Gunnedah NSW

Mackellar offers two residential aged care facilities situated in the rich agricultural area of the Namoi Valley, serving the community of Gunnedah NSW.

Visit ‘My Aged Care’ to get more information about features & pricing My Aged Care

Frequently Asked Questions

No. you can choose from a variety of fee and payments options when entering a care home.

It is a review of a person’s lifestyle and care needs to determine their eligibility for home or residential care. Conducted free of charge at the person’s home, it is a conversation with medical professionals, known as an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). This review is often referred to as an ‘ACAT assessment’.

Yes. An ACAT assessment should be top of the to-do list for anyone considering aged care.

Contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit their website.

Respite Care: typically involves a stay of at least two weeks, during which meals, laundry, cleaning and clinical care are all provided. Respite care residents are also encouraged to participate in the available leisure and lifestyle options. Respite care is ideal if you need a break from caring for a loved one, or when an older person has left hospital, but is not quite ready to return to their home.

· Permanent Aged Care: is when an individual moves into McLean Care Residential Care to stay. Round-the-clock personalised care, a beautiful room, quality meals, domestic services, leisure and lifestyle options, and plenty of social and mental stimulation are just some of the benefits enjoyed by our permanent residents..

· Dementia Care: Our care homes all have the capability to care for individual living with dementia and feature dedicated spaces for those who may wander and require the added safeguard of a secure area.

The majority of McLean Care Residential Care accommodation comprises private single rooms with an ensuite bathroom. Should no private rooms be available when you apply, we may be able to place you on a wait list and offer you shared accommodation in the interim.

At McLean Care Residential Care we offer ‘ageing in place’ which means once you have settled into your new home, there should be no need to move out. If your care needs change, we will work with you and your family to make sure you have the support you need to continue to live safely and comfortably.

Yes. You will find a Registered Nurse onsite at each McLean Care Residential Care Home.

Yes. Your parents can be away for up to 52 nights in any financial year on what’s known as government allocated ‘Social Leave’. To ensure he has the necessary support while he’s gone, we strongly advise that you speak with your McLean Care Facility Manager.

The income and assets assessment determines if you are eligible to receive government assistance with your accommodation costs, and if you need to pay a means-tested care fee.

No. But if you don’t, you will not be eligible for any government assistance towards your care or accommodation costs. You will have to all pay these expenses yourself, as well as the basic daily fee and any other agreed fees.

We understand that the need for care can sometimes be immediate, and in such cases, we may be able to provide an interim arrangement.

It can take up to four weeks for the Department of Human Services to process your income and assessment form. In the meantime, McLean Care may be able to provide an interim arrangement.

Possibly, yes. All aged care providers are required by the government to make a certain proportion of beds available to those with limited financial means. Depending on your assets and income, the government may pay all or part of your aged care expenses.

Should you decide to leave your McLean Care Residential Care Home, we will return your Refundable Accommodation Deposit within 14 days of your departure. If you provide at least 14 days’ prior notice, we can return it on the day you leave. In either case, we will refund the full amount less any fees that you agree to have deducted.

If you pass away while residing at a McLean Care Residential Care Home, we are required to follow the laws of probate, where the court determines who has authority to collect and distribute your estate. Once we receive official confirmation that probate has been granted, we will refund your deposit—less any fees you agreed to have deducted—within 14 days. The time required for probate to be granted can vary considerably. By law, a Refundable Accommodation Deposit can only be returned to the resident, or their estate. It is not possible for the amount to be paid directly to family members or other parties.

The Australian Government provides a 100% guarantee on all Refundable Accommodation Deposits.

You’ll find detailed information on our pricing at the My Aged Care website.

There is a basic daily fee, as well as charges for any additional services that you agree upon. Paying these costs in advance of your stay enables McLean Care to secure your room.