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Your Funding Options

If you’re considering Home and Community Support, it’s important to understand the service and funding options available to you.

Home care services can be government funded, privately self-funded, or a combination of both. Your age, the level of care you require and your financial circumstances can help you determine which option will apply to you.

What's Right For You?

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Home Care Packages


This program provides government-funded home care across four levels of support to help you remain independent, maintain your lifestyle, and live in your own home for longer.

  • Long-term comprehensive support
  • Low to high care needs
  • Eligibility for Home Care Packages can be assessed through My Aged Care
  • Additional fees may be required based on individual circumstances and financial assessment.
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Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC)

This is an eight-week government subsidised program designed to help people recover from an injury or illness, improve wellbeing and remain independent.

  • Short-term personalised support
  • Low to medium care needs
  • Eligibility for Short-Term Restorative Care can be assessed through My Aged Care
  • Additional services may be added to the program for a fee.
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Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

This is a government-subsidised program designed to assist those who are having trouble doing everyday activities and need low-care support. It also assists people to continue living independently.

  • Long-term support or short-term episodic support
  • Eligibility for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme can be assessed through My Aged Care
  • Available to everyone over 65 years (or over 50 for ATSI) who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or on a low income.
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Self-funding of private services

Take control of your care journey by exploring our self-funded private services. Whether you're waiting for government funding or seeking immediate assistance, reach out to McLean Care directly to arrange personalised services tailored to your needs, cost will be dependent on services requested. 

  • Short to long-term support
  • All care needs can be met
  • No eligibility criteria holding you back.

“Empower yourself with the care you deserve today."



Home Care Package Calculator

Tailor your health journey with McLean Care. Build a personalised Home Care Package, selecting services that suit your needs. Empower yourself with a flexible and comprehensive approach to your well-being.

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