We Care About Aged Care

April 5, 2022 1:04 am

Last week the Australian Government handed down the 2022/23 Federal budget.
McLean Care is asking all local candidates and parties to join representatives of older people and their carers, providers, unions, and health professionals in supporting a National Aged Care Workforce Partnership.

Without immediate changes, the aged care sector won’t be able to recover from the current crisis. Quality of care for older Australians will suffer further. It’s time to make sure that older Australians get the care they deserve, once and for all. This includes the recognition, implementation and funding of the Aged Care Royal Commission’s recommendations.

The staffing pressures in aged care have been building for decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has only fuelled the crisis. This has compromised the level and quality of care for many older Australians.

Sue Thomson, CEO McLean Care says, “Aged care staff are exhausted, overworked, and underpaid. The Royal Commission’s recommendations have been an available remedy, but one year on we are yet to see them implemented to alleviate the known issues in the sector.

“This election presents us with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fulfill every older Australian’s right to high quality care.

“Australians have always made it clear – they expect quality aged care. We all care about aged care, and we must extend that care to the workforce by implementing the Royal Commission’s recommendations.”

McLean Care is one of many Aged Care providers that have shown their support for the Australian Aged Care Collaboration’s (AACC) It’s Time to Care About Aged Care campaign. The campaign aims to make sure Australia has a strong, well-resourced aged care system that works for all