What does the user experience?

The user experience has been designed to mimic real life driving as much as possible.

A number of considerations have been factored in to the design of the simulator to ensure it is very user-friendly and accessible for older drivers, including those with mobility issues.

This includes adjustable seat heights, a familiar Australian vehicle, and the graphics in the VR environment modelled on the local Inverell township. One-on-one support to fit and use the VR headset will also be provided.

Virtual reality has the power to transpose people from a physical world to a virtual world through the use of technology. The purposebuilt VR simulator will combine elements of the physical world, in the form of a modern Australian vehicle, with computer generated elements that bring a virtual world to life.

With the support of trained staff, older people participating in the VR driving simulator will become immersed in the experience of “driving” a virtual vehicle through popular locations in Inverell, an experience that previously has not been possible.

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