Preparing For Bushfires As You Get Older

February 5, 2020 2:13 am

Bushfires are something that has ravaged Australia for centuries. In recent months we have seen large increases in these threats and are expected to see these conditions continue in the times to come. So what should you do to ensure you remain safe in the event of a bushfire?

Before a bushfire you should:
• Consider areas most likely to be affected
• Ensure you are aware of emergency management arrangements such as evacuation points and ways to alert response services to the location of yourself and those you may know who are increasingly vulnerable to these disasters
• Consider your daily needs such as medications and create contingencies to provide this in the event of an emergency
• Undertake tests of key parts of your emergency plans to ensure effectiveness and to identify weak
• Educate yourself, friends, and family, on what YOUR plan is in the event of a bushfire
• Consider the possibility of leaving BEFORE the fire approaches.

During a bushfire you should:
• Regularly monitor emergency broadcasts and the media for local warning and advice during periods of high risk
• Speak with local emergency agencies to gauge the seriousness of the emergency situation and the level of risk to yourself
• Remain well informed of the current emergency situation. These precautions and steps have been provided to us by the Australian Government Department of Health. We advise that anyone who is facing a bushfire emergency should follow the provided steps as well as react to their current situation on a case by case basis.