Veterans’ Home Care

How We Can Help

Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) is designed to help you continue living at home by providing a small amount of practical help, but is not designed to meet complex or high-level care needs. McLean Care® is a registered Veterans’ Home Care provider. –

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If you are a Gold or White Card holder living at home, and have been assessed as needing home care assistance by a VHC Assessment Agency, you may be eligible for support through VHC.

Some restrictions may apply to accessing the full range of VHC services, and the VHC Assessment Agency will advise you of your eligibility for an assessment.

Some of the services available

Domestic assistance:
Cleaning, ironing, shopping and bill-paying.

Personal care:
Help with bathing, showering, toileting, dressing, grooming, eating. 

Safety-related minor home & garden maintenance:
Keeping your home safe and habitable, work may involve minor maintenance or repair work, but does not include major repairs. Garden tasks such as lawn mowing and pruning can only be undertaken if an environmental health or safety hazard exists. Routine, cosmetic or ornamental gardening services are not available under this service.

Respite care:
Respite Care gives a break to a carer by temporarily relieving them of their caring responsibilities, and is available in-home, at our residential facility, and for emergency short-term home relief. Respite care is available to the carer of a Gold or White Card holder, a Gold or White Card holder who is a carer, or a Gold or White Card holder who is a self-carer (for Residential Respite only).

Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Social Assistance:
If you are a Gold Card holder and a CVC participant, you may be eligible for a one-off short term (generally up to 12 weeks) intensive Social Assistance service to support you to engage with community activities such as groups, local clubs and associations on an ongoing basis.