McLean Care® has made a priority of investing in technology, to bridge the gap between our consumers and our care teams, improving the care and experience of our residents and clients, whilst supporting service delivery and safety to enrich experiences beyond all boundaries.

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The Bush Compass

As a provider of rural and remote aged care services, we understand the importance of connecting individuals to their local communities, and providing access to vital health, wellbeing and social services. We have invested heavily in IT infrastructure to ensure we are able to deliver safe and reliable services to those we value most – our residents, our clients and our staff.


Video-conferencing is one of the main ways in which we deliver Telehealth. This improves your access to healthcare services, and is ideal for people who live in regional, rural and remote areas.

Our Telehealth services use information and communications technologies (ICTs) to deliver health services and transmit health information over both long and short distances, including voice, data, images and information.

Project Tanami®

Project Tanami® saw the acquisition of Apple iPads (hence the name ‘Tanami’) for the three specific care strategies that focus on wellness and reablement to support our remote Clients.

Protecting your independence Project Tanami® specifically aims at providing programmes to Clients in the comfort of their own homes, focusing on reablement, restorative and wellness programmes, and the continuance of independence.

Wifi & Supporting Technology

Our residential facilities boast free WiFi services, enabling our Residents to stay connected with their friends & families.

Our fully integrated WiFi network is used for resident and clinical data, enables our residents and clients to access to the internet, and includes a state-of-the-art WiFi Nurse Call system and integrated telephones, which brings it all together.

Home Monitoring

McLean Care® partners with Tunstall Healthcare to offer a personal medical alarm solution, including a range of assistive technology and activity sensors to support the independent lifestyles of our residents, which will help keep you active, and as independent as possible.

Hector VR

Hector VR aims to provide drivers with important information to help them make an informed decision about their driving in a completely private, safe and non-intrusive environment. With the support of trained staff, participants will become immersed in the experience of ‘driving’ a virtual vehicle through popular locations in Inverell.

Support through technology – in the Community

McLean Care® have invested heavily in portable tablet technology, allowing staff to deliver wellness and reablement services that support our remote Clients through the use of face-to-face exercise and education sessions through video-conferencing technology.

Protecting your independence 
Specifically aims at providing programmes for you in the comfort of your own home, focusing on reablement, restorative and wellness programmes, and the continuance of your independence without the need to travel.

Reconnecting you with the world 
Our care team are experts in the use of the latest tools to assist you during service time to shop online, download and listen to your favourite music, pay bills, use online banking, and connect with friends or family. It also allows availability to specialised apps and games that will assist in keeping your mind and body active and energised.

Enabling staff 
The iPads have fantastic benefits for our Home Care Employees as well. They will be able to complete and submit documentation and forms electronically, and be able to view and review your care plan in real time. It will also enable them to video-conference directly with the team of Care Coordinators, access emergency or duress alarms, and have access to roistering and McLean Care®policies and procedures at any time.