Sharing Our STRC Program Success Stories

October 5, 2022 12:37 am

Meet Elizabeth and Keith Christensen
Elizabeth has just finished the program with us and she loves her new tipper jug and the new support worker Sam from Gypsy Support Services.

Meet Georgette Everingham
Georgette is now on round 2 with us for STRC as she liked it so much she came back for more but seriously she had missed sessions whilst the floods were on and she is hoping to get this all sorted now.

Meet Ronald and Judith McLennan
Ronald was very hesitant to join this program but now loves what he has achieved from it. New orthotics, shoes to fit them, OT assessments and physio for the change in gait.

Meet Catherine Brown
Another happy client who is enjoying her new treadmill to keep her fit in her own home.