Smart Home Technology Project.

May 19, 2020 12:58 am

Our clients are progressing well with their smart technology and even the pets are getting involved. Below is a picture of Phoebe the miniature poodle taking a ride on Roomba the vacuum cleaner.

The smart buttons beside the bed to turn on a light in the bathroom have also become a popular choice for many. Several clients had this installed so that they don’t wake up their partner at night, by turning on a bedside light.
The bathroom light provides enough visibility to see where they’re going.

Also with the recent global impacts of COVID-19 we have started implementing Google Hub Max which are a Smart display with camera so that video conference calls could be conducted while in isolation.

It’s great to see so many clients have been loving their Smart home technology and it is evident that when occasionally something goes wrong they are quick to call to have this resolved. Goes to show how this technology has improved their way of live.