Project Tanami®

(Tanami: from the Aboriginal ‘Bush Apple’)

Project Tanami® saw the acquisition of Apple iPads (hence the name ‘Tanami’) for the three specific care strategies that focus on wellness and reablement to support our remote Clients.

Protecting your independence
Project Tanami® specifically aims at providing programmes to Clients in the comfort of their own homes, focusing on reablement, restorative and wellness programmes, and the continuance of independence. This includes exercise programmes, and delivery of chronic disease education by our passionate and proactive Day Therapy Team.

The iPads will also enable video conferencing for case management between you and your Lifestyle Facilitator, which will mean that you will be able to stay connected with us, and engage privately, without the need to travel great distances to see us when the need arises, or having to wait until your next meeting with your Facilitator. We can stay connected more quickly and more often.

Reconnecting you with the world
Project Tanami® is also used by our care team during service time to allow clients to shop online, download and listen to their favourite music, pay bills and use online banking, download recipes and connect with friends or family members via Skype or Face Time. It also allows availability to specialised aaps that will assist in keeping your mind and body active and energised.

The iPads have fantastic benefits for our care workers too. They will be able to complete and submit documentation and forms electronically, and be able to view and review your care plans in real time. It will also enable them to video conference directly with the team of Lifestyle Facilitators, access emergency or duress alarms, and have access to all policies and procedures at any time.

Giving you choices
Investment by McLean Care® in the development of this custom-built support planning system allows you and your Lifestyle Facilitator to undertake quality measurement of your goals, achievement and outcomes in real time. This will promote self-determination, your right to choose, and build capability for you to be able to have access to measure your own progress towards your chosen goals, and to change your goals and priorities at any given time.

These three strategies promote healthy and active ageing for people who are disadvantaged by geography and distance, and provide some amazing benefits for the care teams who support them.